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What We Do

We sing songs of healing and comfort to people who are struggling with living and dying.


We bring a repertoire of diverse songs from many traditions to people in private homes, hospices, nursing homes, and hospitals. The spirit of the music ranges from gentle and soothing to uplifting and lively. We strive to bring music and a presence that honors the situation and preferences of each client. Though we hold our work sacred, we do not adhere to a particular religious tradition.


Most visits include 4 to 6 singers and are likely to last about 15 to 20 minutes. Singers are available at various times of day and evening. We sing for those who are awake and snapping their fingers as well as those who are traveling their last few hours in silence and stillness.

If we meet with you on Zoom, only one person can sing at a time but we still surround you with caring small group of people. Singing outside is also an option.


Each group member has received fundamental training in hospice philosophy, appropriate behavior, and confidentiality.

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