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To Request a Sing

If you would like the Morning Star Singers to sing for someone struggling with living or dying,


One of our coordinators will get back to you to learn more about the person for whom we are singing. We will do all we can to match the music with his or her situation and beliefs.


Our singers are available during the day and evening, seven days per week. Most visits will include 4 to 6 singers who will sing about 15 to 20 minutes.

How to Join Us

We open up to new singers once or twice a year. We ask that our members be able to sing in tune, follow our guidelines for being with clients, cultivate compassionate presence, come to rehearsals, and learn our repertoire of songs by heart. Reading music is not necessary as we learn songs using the oral tradition. Practice CD’s and lyric sheets are available to support learning between our twice-monthly rehearsals,

(one Tuesday and one Thursday per month).  


To find out if we are currently accepting members, please contact our founder, Barbara McAfee

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